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22 JunUK Council on Deafness endorses NDCS’s letter to Grant Shapps MP Transport Minister as regards to clear facemasks in Public Transport


UK Council on Deafness supports NDCS’s letter as we believe there is a clear need to ensure that communications around face coverings consider the needs of everyone, including deaf people, and are widely shared.

NDCS's letter

Information should also be shared around deaf awareness and the beneficial use of transparent facemasks, which allow for lip reading and ensure facial expressions can be seen. These measures will ensure that deaf people are supported in the best way possible during an extremely challenging time.

Grant Shapps was asked to look at the following measures:

  • Highlight the specific exemptions to the guidance for deaf people and tips for communication at the daily briefing when you next lead it;
  • Raise these issues with transport companies and ask them to ensure that staff and passengers are aware of the exemptions;
  • Include tips for communication in the guidance and;
  • Share importance of clear face mask and communication tips on Government’s social media channels?

NDCSLetter to Grant Shapps MP  [pdf]