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07 MayHappy Awareness Week!


AVSTTR’s Gill Croft has been speaking to Sandra Norburn about her acquired deafness:

Sandra avstrry

First of all I hope you’re ok. Isolating is hard for everyone but can be even harder if you’re deaf.

The theme this year is ‘Acquired Deafness’ which simply means you lost your hearing at some point during your life, rather than being born deaf.

This is a lot more common than people might think. It happens to older people, but it may happen to people all through their lives and often there isn’t any explanation for it.

It happened to me in my 30s. I was a busy working mum with two teenage children.  First of all, I noticed when they would shout to me from another room I wouldn’t be able to understand what they were saying. I could hear their voices, even some of the words, but not enough to make sense of it.

Later, I noticed that if I was at home with the TV on or music playing – the kids would come in and complain it was really loud.

Then at work I started having difficulty on the phone. It seemed as if everyone mumbled! If only they would speak up! And slow down!  Read more of this article

06 May#DeafAwarenessWeek2020

A message from Chair of UK Council on Deafness!

You also have the opportunity to donate to UKCoD to enable us to carry on representing Deaf/hearing loss related organisations to do the important work they need to do! #DAW2020.

Video Transcript:


#DeafAwarenessWeek2020 – a message from Chair of UK Council on Deafness!

“Greetings to you all!

I am CRAIG CROWLEY, Chair of UK Council on Deafness (UKCOD), a membership organisation representing a range of organisations with a Deaf and hearing loss remit.

It is wonderful to see many organisations, agencies and authorities sponsoring, celebrating and promoting the importance of raising awareness of Deafness and hearing loss. Thank you!

Annually, we highlight different themes of Deafness. This year it is Acquired Deafness.

It is important to raise this awareness so this year we are putting a spotlight on what is it like to become Deaf, be it sudden, health or age related.

If you know someone or have customers who have lost their hearing, how are you able to meet their access and communication requirements? This has become even more vital during this virus pandemic and the huge increase in the use of technology to keep businesses/services open.

A range of technology is available and can be utilised. Assistive technology includes speech to texts captions, radio aids, hearing aids, online video as well as lip reading and sign language.

UKCOD is available to support and collaborate with you to make the lives of those with deafness and hearing loss more manageable, accessible and open up the channels of communication.

On behalf of UKCOD, we wish all our members, organisations and all of you a very Happy Deaf Awareness Week!”



06 MayFingerspelling

Fingerspelling is the British Sign Language (#BSL) alphabet.  It’s used to spell out words like names of people and places. Download the fingerspelling alphabet to practice spelling words and phrases with your hands.




05 May‘Professional Tips’ for lipspeakers working face-to-face through Covid-19.

lipspeaker uk

04 MayRed Earth Theatre Virtual Tour


Red Earth Theatre makes theatre for D/deaf and hearing audiences and are on Virtual Tour at the moment bringing theatre related activities to our audiences online.

We have some D/deaf specific events made by D/deaf artists for D/deaf family audiences.

Information about this week’s events during #DAW2020 and ways to find out about all other D/deaf friendly events can be found on our website at