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Deaf Awareness Week Events

Are you thinking of holding an event during Deaf Awareness Week but don’t know where to start? Do you need some Top Tips?

On this page you will find some useful ideas to help make your event a success.

There are lots of ways that you can support Deaf Awareness Week. The easiest way is to use an activity that you are already holding during the week and introduce a ‘deaf flavour’! Perhaps you could arrange communication support (BSL/English Interpreting, Speech to Text, Lipspeaker or Loop System) and then contact your local deaf organisation and invite them to join you. Or why not invite someone from one of our member organisations to come and give a talk about their experiences of deafness. You can find the contact details of all of the deaf organisations in the UK Council on Deafness Members Directory.

For children, at School, in Playgroups or at Youth Clubs there are lots of fun ways of celebrating Deaf Awareness Week. You could have a sponsored silence, learn to finger-spell your name in British Sign Language or hold your school assembly in mime.

Organising events

You can hold events to raise awareness and funds. For example you could get permission to take a space in a local shopping centre, library, railway station or outside a supermarket. You could organise a Charity Auction, Quiz Night, non-uniform days, sponsored walks, runs, bike rides, swims etc. You may be able to involve the Police, the Fire Brigade, Guides, Scouts, Brownies and Cubs, Youth Clubs, Pubs, Schools, Libraries, Museums and Art Galleries in your events. You can advertise your events on the Deaf Awareness Week website by emailing

Make sure that your local newspapers know about your event in plenty of time. Ensure that your organisation’s contact details and website are included in any articles that are published and mention Deaf Awareness Week. Please send copies of any articles published to UK Council on Deafness so that a record can be kept.

Local television and radio stations have regional news items. This is an excellent way of announcing your events and activities and to raise awareness about deaf issues. Again please let us have the details so that we can keep a record of all the coverage given to Deaf Awareness Week.