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Please find our recent updates below:

Deaf Access to Communications (DAC SIG) 

We recently carried out an extensive survey of the BT operated “Relay UK” service.  The survey findings revealed a lot of issues and we are discussing potential solutions with interested parties

We are consulting with some of the contributors who provided contact details and we will be following up the results in more detail where appropriate with BT. We understand BT are planning a substantial revamp of the text relay service and are ensuring that our survey results are taken in to account: for example there is a Lack of acceptance of relay calls.  [Read More]

Invitation with our support to report lack of acceptance of relay calls

Our survey of the BT-operated text relay “Relay UK” showed 70% of participants experienced problems with contacting banks, medical professionals, government agencies, or large companies refusing to accept relay calls.

If you experience any problems with any of the above communications issues please follow the link below and answer the 19 questions. We expect it should take about 15 minutes.  [Read More]

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