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What we’ve done

Our members have been working together to deal with the problems Access to Work has been causing for deaf and deafblind people since October 2013.

We used the information we gathered to

In October 2013, Sir Malcolm Bruce MP and a small group of Council members met with the Minister for Disabled People, Mike Penning MP. We discussed the problems Access to Work is causing.

In February 2014 Council members met with representatives of Access to Work and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Employment Strategy Team.

They explained the problems Access to Work was causing for deaf people, using examples that deaf people shared with us. The main point of discussion was the restrictions on the level of support available.

After the meeting we sent letters to the DWP and the Minister for Disabled People explaining the problems in writing. We also said we were concerned there was

  • no assessment of how the restrictions would affect deaf and deafblind people; and,
  • no consultation with deaf and deafblind people or Council members about the restrictions.

At a meeting in May 2014, the Minister agreed to review Access to Work. Since then we have been helping DWP officials to make changes that will benefit deaf and deafblind people.