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Planning and Resources

Planning and resources

Each mission group has a plan for the year ahead. It usually includes

  • issues that need to be addressed (aims);
  • actions to address those issues (objectives);
  • what will be produced (outputs);
  • what will happen as a result (outcomes);
  • the evidence that will be used or collected (evidence);
  • organisations and individuals that need to be involved (partners);
  • details of how other organisations and individuals can contribute (opportunities);
  • how it will communicate its work to the sector and others (communication);
  • resource requirements and ways to meet them (resources); and
  • when it will do the work (timescale).

Signatories support our collective work where possible with resources such as

  • staff time;
  • rooms and other facilities;
  • promotion of initiatives;
  • sharing of research and other intelligence;
  • sharing of contacts; and
  • financial contributions.


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