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Employment mission group

The employment mission group is focused on

  • access to information that will enable policy makers and key influencers to make a more evidence based argument to enhance employment support for Deaf people;
  • raising awareness of the availability of apprenticeships across the Deaf community;
  • enhancement and development of pre-employment support for Deaf people; and
  • enhancement and development of employment support for Deaf people.

It is chaired by Jan Sheldon, chief executive of the Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD).

Its members are

  • Bob Birchall (Deafness Support Network DSN)
  • Bob Marsh (Clarion)
  • Laura Cook (Action on Hearing Loss)
  • Martin McLean (National Deaf Children’s Society)
  • Sally Paul (Positive Signs)
  • Sue Mountford (Royal Association for Deaf people RAD)


2 December 2015 | Minutes

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