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Awareness mission group

The awareness mission is focused on working with other groups and organisations in the sector to support a nationwide public health campaign about deafness and hearing loss

It is chaired by Jim Edwards, Chief Executive of Signature.

Its members are

  • Anita Grover (Auditory Verbal UK)
  • Laura Evans Benyon (Connevans)
  • Lorraine Gailey (Hearing Link)
  • Mandy Reid (Scottish Council on Deafness)
  • Matthew James (NHS England)
  • Michael Buckfield (Microlink)
  • Nicola Bannon (Action on Hearing Loss)
  • Patrick McNamara (Wales Council for Deaf People)
  • Rob Loseby (Fujitsu)
  • Susan Simons (Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults)
  • Tony Murphy (Phonak)


27 January 2016 | Minutes



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