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Archive for May 7th, 2021

07 May“If she’s deaf she will not get very far” – Questionnaire

By Emma Reilly

“If she’s deaf she will not get very far”.  This was a common phrase during my school education. Despite being repeatedly told I would not be able to progress to higher education, I am currently a master’s student at University College London (UCL). With deaf awareness week this week what better time to discuss the experiences of deaf young people!?

I have created a questionnaire, which is in both BSL and English for deaf young people aged 18-30.

The questionnaire focuses on school experience, what you are currently doing now, what support worked well and what needs to be improved. I hope to use the anonymised results to help change current transition policies and support.

Questionnaire –

The reason for setting up this research is because being deaf myself I faced a lot of barrier in my education growing up and I am keen to hear from others about what is working well and what needs to be changed to support the next generation of young deaf people.

For myself when I was in secondary school, I did not know how and where to ask for support so, that is something that I want to work with other deaf young people on. We need to be able to have that outlet to share what our experiences have been in the past and the influence that has on our current circumstances – whether that is positive or negative.

If you have the time or if you know of anyone who could take part please do use or share this link to fill out the questionnaire –

If you would like more information on the study please email me at:


07 MayYouTube series for kids focused on nature, accessible in British Sign Language


Looking for quality, fun and entertaining content for kids that educates them about the planet?

On the EDGE Conservation — a leading media and technology company for nature — has you covered.

Everyone should be able to enjoy learning about the weird and wonderful natural world. So, to celebrate Deaf Awareness Week, we’re spreading the word about On the EDGE Conservation’s British Sign Language YouTube series.

The series encourages a love of nature. Designed for children between eight and 12 years old, this subtitled series stars an aye-aye from Madagascar called Lexi who dreams of becoming a DJ; Eric, a uni student who’s also a Chinese pangolin from Asia; and Tegan, a fun-loving kakapo from New Zealand. These three species are all critically endangered in the wild.

Lexi, Eric and Tegan are anthropomorphic; they’re able to move and behave like real human vloggers, thanks to cutting-edge motion-capture technology.

These three fun-loving VTubers upload new episodes weekly, talking about their exciting lives as they settle into their new shared home in London.

The series taps into real-life storylines that kids can relate to, as the characters interact just like real vloggers do — while also educating viewers on their species’ precarious positions as lesser-known endangered animals.

Inclusion of automatic subtitling also promotes reading skills. A study by the ‘Turn on the Subtitles’ campaign group revealed that children who watch TV with subtitles have double the chance of becoming a more skilled reader in the long term.

New British Sign Language and subtitled episodes of the YouTube series are uploaded every Tuesday and Friday. Each is available in the British Sign Language playlist on the YouTube channel, and is clearly identifiable.

So if you’re looking for a show that’s fun, educational and accessible for children who are deaf or hearing impaired, this is the series for you.

View the British Sign Language episodes here.