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09 MayDeaf Awareness Week

National Association of Deafened People are supporting Deaf Awareness Week 2019.

Hearing loss should not prevent anyone from getting out and about. Fortunately access for people who have a hearing loss is improving. Traveling, attending talks or enjoying the theatre is now much easier and stress free than before.

NADP are holding their Conference on 22nd June 19  10:00–17:00 at the Friends Meeting Place, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ.

There will be a range of presenters from various organisations to inform you what they have done to improve the experience of people with hearing loss using their services. These include British Airways, the National Theatre and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

We also have presenters talking about their experiences with their hearing loss and how they have overcome barriers they have faced, sharing their tips along the way.

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