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Archive for May 9th, 2019

09 MayDeaf Awareness Week Role Models

Deaf Umbrella Celebrates their role model today, Mr Peter Brown.

Peter Brown

Today we champion our Deaf Role Model Mr Peter Brown.

Peter has worked with Deaf Umbrella for nearly 20 years.  As a freelance member of the team he has provided support for our interview process by skills testing all our applicants.  Each applicant will go through a BSL production and receptive skills test, regardless of their qualification.

Peter is our BSL tutor of choice for bespoke courses for various business clients; large or small.  He will work with the client to provide a BSL course that will help the team communicate with a deaf member of staff.  By working with the team and that member of staff he creates lunch time courses to aid effective communication.

PB awards

Peter is our tutor of choice for Staff Development evenings.  He will take staff through workshops on a wide variety of topics all in the pursuit of widening BSL vocabulary in line with educational environments.

Peter is our actor of choice for instructional videos.  We first worked with him on Deaf Awareness videos (2017) and then an updated Deaf Awareness video in the following year (2018)  Peter can be seen in our new video on Communication Support at Interview (CSI) this can be found in the following link.

Peter is also our wonderful handyman.  He has hung signs, painted walls, moved furniture and generally been a joy to work with.  We call him a man of many hats.

More information can be found on Deaf Umbrella TV

09 MayDeaf Awareness Week Role Models

SignHealth celebrates their role model today, Marie Vickers.

The Marie Vickers Story

Marie Photo

Marie Vickers and the DeafHope Team

The Domestic Abuse team is a mixture of service manager, senior IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Adviser), 3 IDVAs, outreach workers, 3 prevention officers, children and family’s workers and admin coordinators. We’re such a diverse group, we are a completely women led team and predominantly a Deaf lead team, we have a hearing administrator, who is fluent in BSL.

Our typical working day is extremely varied, the Service Manager and Senior IDVA are responsible for receiving referrals and contacting women at risk to offer support, they would then allocate the right support, which is where the IDVAs and outreach workers would go out and meet the clients and offer support, making sure that the risk of harm is reduced.

Our Young Deaf Hope team focuses on providing workshops at schools, colleges, drop in centres and many other places to raise awareness for young Deaf people about cyber bullying, sexting, grooming and many other topics.

Our Children and Families workers focus on support Deaf mothers and their children to have a healthy relationship, working with social services and any relevant departments.

Every day is completely different for all our staff members – day to day our staff members could be at court, a conference, a training course, at the police station, at a social services meeting, at a school providing training the list goes on and on!

The biggest challenge we face on a daily basis is barriers due to communication. There has been countless occasions where an interpreter hasn’t been booked for a police interview or court case which has in turn resulted in our staff having to reassure the client. When a client has been suffering with domestic abuse, they sometimes need to go to a ‘refuge’ as they are not safe at home, we have had many cases where a refuge will refuse to accept a deaf women, because they don’t know how to communicate with them. This is by far the biggest challenge we face, until awareness is raised our clients suffer in the system.

Seeing our clients leave an abusive relationship with our support is the biggest highlight for us. We’ve received cards and presents thanking us for our support in helping our clients through such a difficult time. We have also been rewarded for our service from The Charity Of The Year awards and The Emma Humphreys memorial prize, we have also been nominated for National Diversity Awards this month (please vote for us!), which means people are becoming more and more aware of how important our role is within the Domestic Abuse sector.

We fight daily for Deaf awareness in the domestic abuse sector, there needs to be more awareness for Deaf women who have experienced domestic abuse to feel more supported and heard. Deaf Awareness Week is a great way for organisations to provide training!

We are very proud to be a part of SignHealth’s mission to become a national service. We are part of a diverse, deaf led organisation who is passionate about improving mental health services for Deaf people.

09 MayDeaf Awareness Week

National Association of Deafened People are supporting Deaf Awareness Week 2019.

Hearing loss should not prevent anyone from getting out and about. Fortunately access for people who have a hearing loss is improving. Traveling, attending talks or enjoying the theatre is now much easier and stress free than before.

NADP are holding their Conference on 22nd June 19  10:00–17:00 at the Friends Meeting Place, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ.

There will be a range of presenters from various organisations to inform you what they have done to improve the experience of people with hearing loss using their services. These include British Airways, the National Theatre and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

We also have presenters talking about their experiences with their hearing loss and how they have overcome barriers they have faced, sharing their tips along the way.

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09 MayA Message from our Chair


I am Craig Crowley, Chair of UK Council on Deafness.

I am delighted to see our theme for Deaf Awareness Week going viral on social media.

We are proud of our theme to celebrate Deaf Role Models!

It is important for the general public consciousness to acknowledge, recognise, and celebrate those who have made a huge difference to us in all spheres of life,

It’s wonderful to see so many public, statutory, emergency, voluntary, local organisations and agencies arranging activities to promote this week’s national Deaf Awareness. Thank You!

Enjoy the rest of this week, thank you for raising awareness with us.


09 MayDeaf Awareness Week