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06 MayDeaf Awareness Week

Celebrating Role Models in Education / Employment


DeafUmbrella is Celebrating Deaf Awareness Week with their Role Model ‘Lorraine’

Here at Deaf Umbrella we take part every year in the Deaf Awareness Week.  Although we work hard every single day of the year on spreading Deaf Awareness and make information accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, the Deaf Awareness Week is a very welcome celebration that all the team enjoys.

In order to take part in the UK Council on Deafness campaign, we want to introduce Lorraine as our deaf role model on the Education/Employment area.

Lorraine is a truly inspiration for the Deaf community and a great role model for our Job Club users.

She joined our Employment Search Support Programme looking for a job and after a few months and demonstrating a good attitude and professionalism, we decided to offer her a job here at Deaf Umbrella as an Employment Advisor.

With training and support she supports our Deaf Job Club users with searching jobs, advising on how to deal with interviews, and sharing her experience and knowledge having been through the process.

We are proud of her and the amazing job she is doing.

Happy Deaf Awareness Week!