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Archive for May 6th, 2019

06 MayDeaf Awareness Week

Celebrating Role Models in Education and Employment


Today the British Institute for Verbatim Reporting are celebrating with us!

The British Institute of Verbatim Reporters (BIVR) not only assesses prospective members for accreditation into its membership, but also holds training sessions throughout the year.  This year’s BIVR Awareness Week (BAW), taking place from 9-11 July 2019 at 51 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, is just such an event  – full details

Our member Amanda Bavin will not only be captioning the event but will also be mentoring two trainee verbatim reporters.  However, during the year and for several years Amanda has been assisting in furthering the education of all reporters by posting briefs and phrases BIVR’s Facebook Page and elsewhere with details of where Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities may be found.

06 MayDeaf Awareness Week

Celebrating Role Models in Education and Employment

mary hare

Today Mary Hare are celebrating their Role Model Dr Helen Willis

Helen Willis joined Mary Hare in Year 7 in 2007, remaining with the school until the end of 6th Form.  During her time at Mary Hare, Helen gained nine GCSEs, eight of which were A* and one A.  She then achieved three top A Level grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.  In addition, Helen learn the piano and music theory, reaching a Grade 5 in both.

After leaving Mary Hare, Helen went to St John’s College, Oxford to study for a BA in Physiology and Psychology.  Helen graduated from Oxford with a First Class Honours degree as well as an MSc in Neuroscience.

Helen then pursued a PhD in Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences at UCL which was funding by Action on Hearing Loss and Cochlear UK.  Helen was awarded her doctorate in October 2018.

Helen is now spending her time disseminating her PhD data by presenting at international conferences and writing articles for science journals.  Her research attempted to find a way to measure the amount of work the brain uses when listening through a cochlear implant and Helen hopes to use these research findings to help cochlear implant users to maximise the benefit they can receive from the cochlear implant technology.

Conference Society for Neuroscience

Helen was chosen as our role model firstly because she is an alumus of Mary Hare and excelled academically but also because of her research area and the benefits that this research will undoubtedly bring to the wider deaf community.

06 MayDeaf Awareness Week

Celebrating Role Models in Education and Employment


Today DeafReach Celebrate

Every child is Precious!

The work of DeafReach in Rwanda is making a difference to individual children and families.

The tall man in this picture is called Omar and he is the Headteacher of Umutara Deaf School in North Eastern Rwanda.  The others in the picture are all deaf young people who are living and working at a Deaf Centre in a town called Kayonza.

Deaf people from the district are beginning to congregate at the Centre where they learn sign language from the young people, who also make sewing and weaving products to sell. Half of the money from the sales goes to the workers themselves, and the rest goes towards the costs of running the Centre, which is also supported by DeafReach.

pic 1
The little girl in this picture is called Businjye Jonace. She was born deaf.

Jonace’s mother lives in the area, heard about the Centre and brought her daughter to visit.  Jonace’s father left her mother when she was pregnant with their second child.

Pic 2

Consequently, her mother is very poor and really struggles to manage financially. Jonace is about 6 years old and does not go to the local school because she cannot hear anything. But she loves to come to the Centre, because the young deaf workers are teaching her sign language. She is picking it up very quickly and Omar really wants to get her into school as soon as possible – she seems very bright. But her mother does not have the money to send her daughter to the Deaf School in Umutara.

Through donations to DeafReach, by the Rotary Club in Bridgnorth, England, we have been able to sponsor Jonace to start school this term.

Jonace has been at school for 4 days!

Here she is, in the white T-shirt, with some of the other children in her Pre-school class. And after school, she has changed into her new dress!

pic 3

pic 4She is just at the beginning. Starting to learn some sign and realising that others are like her. Now she will have the opportunity to learn, to make friends who can talk to her in a way she understands, to have a means of expressing her feelings and ideas in a place where she is valued by children and adults. When she is older, she will have the opportunity to learn a vocational skill so that she can enter the world of work to help support herself and her family.

Her future is brighter because of DeafReach.

pic 5

06 MayDeaf Awareness Week


Today Terra Consulting are celebrating Deaf Awareness Week and are sponsoring #DAWrolemodels2019!


06 MayDeaf Awareness Week


Today AVSTTR are celebrating Deaf Awareness week and are sponsors of our #DAWrolemodels2019!