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Archive for March, 2016

04 MarcontactScotland video relay service extended to third sector

contactScotland, the service that provides access to public services in British Sign Language (BSL), has been extended. BSL users will now be able to contact community groups, voluntary organisations, charities, social enterprises and co-operatives in their own language.

Jim Edwards, chair of the UK Council on Deafness, said: “The UK Council on Deafness applauds the Scottish Government’s commitment to making sure services are available to BSL users in their own language.

“In 2016, there is no reason why Deaf people shouldn’t be able to make a telephone call to all public, private and not-for-profit organisations. We hope government in the rest of the UK takes notice of this development and makes a similar investment.”

contactScotland  is unique in the UK and is the first nationally funded public sector Video Relay Service (VRS). It was initially piloted by NHS 24, before expanding to cover the rest of the public sector in Scotland in March 2015.

The pilot will end when the current contract expires in September 2016. At that point the service will be fully implemented. A procurement exercise to secure a new Scottish Government contract is underway and an Invitation to Tender will be issued shortly via the Public Contracts Scotland website.


02 MarWorld Hearing Day, 3rd March

Teeth checked! Eyes Checked. What about your hearing?

world hearing day final

Professional hearing care makes you both healthier and smarter. Maybe it’s time to get your hearing checked.  Get a free hearing test on March 3 .  On WHO World Hearing Day, March 3, you can in many European countries get a free hearing test by visiting a hearing care professional.  Professional hearing care is important and relevant for all those with a hearing loss, from small children to the elderly.The offer of a free hearing test on WHO World Hearing Day, March 3rd, is provided by AEA, (Association of the European Hearing Aid Professionals).

Around 16-17% of all adults have a hearing loss, when measured with a hearing test. Unfortunately only around one in three treat their hearing loss with professional hearing care. This means that 10% of all do not treat their hearing loss.

Healthier and smarter Several surveys and scientific studies in recent years have shown that people who treat their hearing loss with professional hearing care can stay or become healthier and smarter than those who do not treat their hearing loss.

You can download the AEA, EFHOH and EHIMA joint press release for further information by clicking on the link below:

Press Release (pdf)