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17 NovSignatories to the statement of common purpose on deafness and hearing loss

The organisations listed below are committed to the statement of common purpose on deafness and hearing loss. Any organisation concerned with deafness or hearing loss may join us as a signatory.

  1. Access Bedford
  2. Action Deafness
  3. Action for Deafness
  4. Action on Hearing Loss
  5. appa
  6. All Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness, UK Parliament
  7. Association of Deaf Education Professionals and Trainees
  8. Association of Lipspeakers
  9. Association of Sign Language Interpreters
  10. Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults
  11. Association of Verbatim Speech to Text Reporters
  12. Auditory Verbal UK
  13. BID Services
  14. Boots Hearingcare
  15. Brian Archbold
  16. British Academy of Audiology
  17. British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
  18. British Deaf Association
  19. British Society of Audiology
  20. British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists
  21. Cambridgeshire Hearing Help
  22. Chief Officers’ Group of Third Sector Deaf Organisations
  23. Clarion Interpreting
  24. Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group
  25. Connevans Limited
  26. Cross Party Group on Deafness, Scottish Parliament
  27. Cumbria DeafVision
  28. Deaf Direct
  29. Deaf Education through Listening and Talking
  30. Deaf Hub
  31. Deaf Umbrella
  32. Deafblind UK
  33. Deafconnect
  34. Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre, University College London
  35. Deafness Support Network
  36. deafPlus
  37. DEAFvibe
  38. Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies, Heriot Watt University
  39. The Ear Foundation
  40. Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education
  41. Gloria McGregor –
  42. Gloucestershire Deaf Association
  43. Gwen Carr
  44. HearFirst
  45. The Hearing Care Centre Ltd
  46. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
  47. Hearing Link
  48. Hearing Loss and Deafness Alliance
  49. Hertfordshire Hearing Advisory Service
  50. Home Counties Cochlear Implant Group
  51. Jackie Baillie MSP
  52. Jane Cordell
  53. Jim Fitzpatrick MP
  54. Louise Tonks
  55. Manchester City Council
  56. Manchester Deaf Centre
  57. Microlink
  58. National Association of Deafened People
  59. National Cochlear Implant Users Association
  60. National Community Hearing Association
  61. National Deaf Children’s Society
  62. National Sensory Impairment Partnership
  63. NHS Grampian
  64. NHS Health Scotland
  65. Nottinghamshire Deaf Society
  66. Phonak UK
  67. Reablement Team, Social Services, Southampton City Council
  68. Royal Association for Deaf People
  69. Scottish Council on Deafness
  70. Sense
  71. Sign Language Interactions
  72. Sign Solutions
  73. Signature
  74. SignHealth
  75. SignLive
  76. SignVideo
  77. Social Research with Deaf People, University of Manchester
  78. South Wales Cochlear Implant Support Group
  79. Specsavers
  80. StageTEXT
  81. UK Deaf Sport
  82. UK Hearing Care
  83. University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service
  84. Visual Language Professionals
  85. Your Local Cinema .com
  86. Zebra Uno