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Archive for March 24th, 2015

24 MarSupport for NHS England accessible information standard

NHS England has published a report on the consultation process for its accessible information standard.

The report shows wide agreement on the need for the standard and support for its aims and vision. The responses and feedback will inform the final version of the standard, which is due to be published in June 2015.

Jim Edwards, chair of the UK Council on Deafness, said: “We’re glad to see there was a lot of support for the draft standard. Whilst it needs strengthening, it is an excellent basis for an information standard that will make a real difference to deaf people accessing health and social care.

“We are also very encouraged by the way the NHS England has engaged with the deaf community. By listening to and working with individuals and organisations from the beginning, they have avoided many of the problems public services often encounter.

“We look forward to working with NHS England to finalise the standard.”

24 MarSector success as action plan on hearing loss published

The UK Council on Deafness has welcomed the action plan on hearing loss as a great example of collaboration between deaf organisations.

The Hearing Loss and Deafness Alliance, chaired by Brian Lamb OBE, was central to developing the plan.

Jim Edwards, chair of the UK Council on Deafness said: “This much needed action plan is the result of a range of organisations working together to serve their communities.

“That cooperation has led to a national focus on the impacts of hearing loss and the needs of those who experience it. Coupled with the planned hearing loss commissioning framework it has the potential to make a real difference.

“This success demonstrates why the UK Council on Deafness has worked over the past year to identify a common purpose for the deaf sector. By pulling together we will make sure deafness is given the focus it needs.”

The plan was published by NHS England and the Department for Health. It was shaped by deaf people, the organisations that work with and for them, Public Health England, other government departments and businesses.

It will help commissioners, Clinical Commissioning Groups, GPs and healthcare providers reduce the negative impacts of hearing loss by promoting prevention, encouraging early diagnosis and improving how services are delivered.