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01 MayOfcom publish first report on quality of TV subtitles


Ofcom have published the first report on the quality of live TV subtitles provided by broadcasters in the UK.  The reports are based on samples chosen by Ofcom from programmes broadcast by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and BSkyB in the news, entertainment and chat show genres.

Subtitles are used by over a million people with hearing impairments to watch TV.  Addressing concerns from viewers, Ofcom last year required broadcasters to start reporting on the quality of live subtitles to identify areas for improvement.

Today’s report samples the accuracy, speed and latency – the delay between speech and the corresponding subtitle appearing – of live TV subtitles. It is the first of four reports on live subtitling Ofcom is producing over a two-year period.

Ofcom will shortly begin the next sampling exercise, covering programmes in April and May 2014.

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1st Report (pdf)