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27 JanParliamentary Report

Take a read through our latest Parliamentary Report.

Week ending 13 January 2012 Parliamentary Report

26 JanSymposium on BSL

Doubtless by now, there are people saying: “why do we need a BSL Strategy and Alliance and what’s the point of having a symposium on BSL?”

The charity sector is likely to face a meltdown in the next three years.  There is no doubt that the austerity measures will bite much harder in the coming months.  Demand for services from organisations in the third sector will increase and correspondingly, income will decrease.  When times are hard, organisations tend to go one of two ways.  Either they start working together or they become more ruthless and compete with other organisations.  And when that happens, very small groups with minority agendas disappear.  And there is no doubt that BSL is a very minority agenda and certainly it feels that Deaf people are being even more marginalised in the so-called ‘Big Society’. The BDA believes we need to stand together if we are to secure the future of BSL in the UK.

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24 JanAdult Hearing Services AQP Info Day……

If you are a Member of UK Council on Deafness and would like to attend the Adult Hearing Services AQP Information Day, please email Clare Long at to register your interest.  Places will be on a first come first serve basis and are limited!  NB – The session is about adult audiology services and will not be covering commissioning of communication services…….

20 JanJeremy Moore calls for contributions from deaf and disabled people…..

Speaking at the UK Council on Deafness conference, ODI Director Jeremy Moore called for contributions from deaf and disabled people from all walks of life to shape the new cross-Government Disability Strategy.  To read ODI Director Jeremy Moore’s speech at the UK Council on Deafness conference visit

Click to view the Fulfilling Potential discussion document or  Fulfilling Potential Guide  for further details.

The closing date for responses to be received at the ODI is 5pm Friday 9 March 2012.

If you are a member of UK Council on Deafness, do let us know if you are submitting a response to – input to be received by Members of UKCoD no later that 1 March 2012.

11 JanWork Together / Support Each Other

UKCoD wishes all its Members a Happy New Year!

It will be a challenging year, for public services, for deaf organisations and for UKCoD – to enable us all to get through this period, we can do so by working together and supporting each other.

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More news will follow shortly……